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Too Expensive. Too Slow. Ineffective.

High Costs

The costs of building solutions are normally too high and too slow. This limits innovation, slows growth and reduces profit.

Too Slow

New solutions are taking months or years to deploy. Even testing a new idea can take many weeks. It's so slow that it's not viable.


Solutions often focus on data, not the answer. Or the security is too expensive or ineffective to be used.


Fast. Effective. Secure

We provide fast, effective and secure solutions. Quality of a Big Four with the speed and price of a Start-Up.


We build solutions in days and weeks, not months and years; Our team has spent decades working on fast-moving cases for major clients.


We provide highly effective solutions that work on a global scale. From processing petabytes to deploying AI.


Everything we do is built securely from the ground up. Our team has decades of experience working with FTSE 100 clients.




We advice clients on data. Our team has over two decades of experience on advising clients on large scale, complex projects.


We design solutions  – fast, effective, and secure. With the latest tools and sections its possible to design solutions in days, not months.

Build and Secure

We build solutions for you. We build at incredible speeds. We create entire environments in days not months.

Security is at the foundation of everything we do, its not a bolt on. So whatever we build, will be built with security in mind.

Analytics and AI

We work with data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence on a daily basis – on an incredible scale.

Our team members have been deploying machine learning since 2006. have worked with all of the major banks and are currently deploying solutions with trillions of data points.

Some think its data analytics (DA)  and AI are the same, some think its DA vs AI, we think they are complementary. Start with one, end up with the other


We help you protect your environment. Our team has decades of experience working in highly secure environments. We build environments to meet the most demanding of standards  – including PCI and ISO.

We Work Across Industries

Our team has decades of experience in financial services, defence, and legal services. The team has worked on global projects in very fast-moving and highly demanding projects

At HSAT, our focus is on using data to solve problems, regardless of industry