About HSAT


HSAT - Who We Are

HSAT was originally founded to use the satellite data together with cutting-edge data analytics to help organisations make better decisions.

We brought together a team of data experts, architects, engineers and scientists

Our work resulted in building numerous data platforms, using  petabytes of data and machine learning models with petabytes of data.  Our team has now expanded. We now have office in Norway and London and are now building routinely building solutions for a wide range for clients from financial services to agriculture to space agencies from consultants to traders

What we do

We address business problems using the best available data sources to drive new insights and improve decisions.

We design and build solutions for clients

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About HSAT

Industries We Work With

We work with a range of industry. Our focus is using data to solve problems. Our team has worked across industries with decades of experience in defence, financial services, and other industries. Our focus is on building solutions for you