Build and Secure

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Great solutions need great design and engineering.

It doesn’t matter how good the analytics or how advanced the algorithms are – without the right engineering and infrastructure, it will not work.

We ensure all of our platforms, regardless of scale,  has the right foundations – so you can expand when you need to


Security is not an optional extra. It is not a bolt-on. Security needs to be fundamental to the design and build of a solution.

This no longer needs to be expensive. The latest cloud solutions now make outstanding security much simpler.

From encryption at rest and transit to constant monitoring of policies and PII

We ensure that everything we do is built on a foundation of security.


Build and Secure

Industries We Work With

We work with a range of industry. Our focus is using data to solve problems. Our team has worked across industries with decades of experience in defence, financial services, and other industries. Our focus is on building solutions for you